The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

I'm very, very glad it is Friday. What an odd, long week this has been.
  1. My iPhone is working less and less well, regular crashes and severe slowness....
    • I'm contemplating an upgrade but don't know if I have the funds or broken-ness to justify
  2. Hotels booked for the trip via travel agent.
    • It took her forever but we got some pretty nice deals.
    • We'll be within walking distance of the Louvre while in Paris and ditto the beach while in Nice.
  3. The SX-70 works!!!
    • I was pretty sure but you can't tell until you load film. Now! To start a project. :D
  4. Still waiting on Wells Fucking Fargo for both the first part of the deposit to hit my account
  5. AND to hear if we can actually buy that house.
    • Zen. It'll work out. You'll find a sublet on short notice, pack on short notice and then move on short notice. It'll be fun.
  6. Polaroid Project - 3 photographers, 150 photos, 300 people dressed like grandmothers.
  7. A Tale of Three Polaroid Films
  8. One of the best Polaroid Photographers I've seen.
  9. Polaroid Manipulation
  10. You smell.

I think you should post a silly poll.
TGIF, ya?
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