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The Light is Vivid down Low
The Light is Vivid down Low.

Had an excellent evening yesterday. Studied, watched South Park, drank beer. Superawesomspectularistic. I even greatly enjoyed my run though my running shoes.. toes? Running toes rub in one place. I believe REI stocks high performance toe socks that will save my tender feetses and intend to stop there in the next day or two. Clearly I'm not building calluses well or quickly enough to be able to run as much as I want.

I finally kicked up my average pace. (Hmm.. I should be tracking this.) Now I'm keeping pace with the snails.

Finished the last part of a certification. We'll see if I pass by the end of the week.
And because it is my favorite Flickr group: whatsinurbag. Sadly the proper spelling was already taken.
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