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Good morning!

    Things n stuff n things
  • I found a really pretty SX-70 collapsible Polaroid yesterday.
  • Then I learned how easy it is to modify an sx-70 to properly expose 600 film.
  • Then I learned how expensive film is on eBay, about 50% more expensive than it used to be.
  • Then I learned that The Impossible Project is 5/7ths of the way through reinventing integral instant film.
    • They are, in fact, ahead of their scheduled finish date of December '09.
  • I'm thinking of hitting the east side antiques malls to see if I can find a slightly better deal before snatching the camera I found yesterday.
  • Or winning an eBay auctions
    • Though the prices at the Antique Mall is roughly equivalent to the end price on these auctions.

In other, non camera-geek news, I averaged a quicker paced mile last night. I'm finally getting faster, which is nice. Feel lighter on my feet lately so I've been pushing the treadmill up to accomplish the speed increase. Still running more than a 10minute mile indoors. That is sort of lame but this is what I get for stopping running for like 8 months.

And read some great news this morning that means I will have far less work to do tonight and tomorrow when I pop in for some new version training quizzes. I was going to do some real work but now it looks like I can get it all done this morning. yay!

To the coffee mobile, Robin!
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