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Art Penis

Art Penis
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Some interesting.... Art in my building.
Nice weekend. Well, minus the windshield which still isn't fixed. Glass guy said he'd call yesterday but never did.

Saturday had dragonflyknight in from out of town so we had him, shortcakeness, not_a_girl, and sculplady over to watch terrible movies. We watched Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter, John Carpenter's Pro-Life, and Pervert!. I can not begin to tell you how much a trip that last one was. Wow. Um.. attack penises, lots of boobies and implied incest and sex with meat.
Pro-Life was classy. It had Ron Perlman (Hellboy, the narrator in Fallout) in it! (And Demon Crab babies!)

Sunday we had a nice coffee/brunch with alyska, techdragon and jeffreyp followed by some open houses, lunch, seeing Inglorious Basterds (Yay!), dinner with angels_ember and finally home to start Dexter.

Inglorious Basterds is delightful, with Brad Pitt's accent easily the best reason to see it. It was not the gritty war movie I was expecting. it is more like Wolfenstein 3D on ecstasy.

Monday, man. It's Monday.
First cup of coffee is the best.

House update: The seller accepted the counter offer. Now it goes to the bank.

I hate that Windows steals the focus from the active application for anything. OS X opens applications, alerts, popups, what have you IN THE BACKGROUND so I can, I dunno, keep doing what I'm doing. This is really bugging me today. Especially because Windows a damn slow and the application switch takes 15 seconds before I can switch back to what I was doing.

Also, my secondary monitor no longer does portrait mode. Grr. Argh. Also for no apparent reason as it was working before I moved to my new office.
Your cat wants a massage.
I think I need to be more active on Flickr, JPEG and with general photography advertising.

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