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Cat's Eye
Cat's Eye Tilt

Awfully tired today. Slept poorly as it has been humid enough that we've been running the A/C which traps all the pet dander; my nasal cavities feels as if they've been stuffed with turducken.
But it was a good weekend. I spent Most of Saturday working on a cert project to be finished today. Then just two tests to complete and I get a nifty bonus... a bonus which will cover housing closing costs and ten some. :D Well, i think.. there's this new version training thing that may hinder me. Gotta check on that.
Sunday was brunch, Pride Parade which was fantastic fun, shelter cats and then funny movies - the Harold and Kumar movies in particular.

I've had a hankerin' for cat photography last few days but the apartment doesn't get enough light in the evenings.

Today is day of meetings. Huzzah!
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