The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
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Mecha Man
Mecha Man

    Holy shit, it's a list.
  1. I have a 4 hour meeting that starts at lunch today.
  2. Signed the NEW offer contrast for the short sale last night.
  3. Finished BSG last night too.
    • I sort didn't like the ending.
  4. Watched fanboys.
    • It was worth it for Kristin Belle dressed as Slave Leia.
  5. back to the gym. I've been so unmotivated these last few weeks but I'm getting really bad at the diet.
    • Unacceptable
  6. Lots to do today.
    More Apple Tablet speculation.
    I want a tablet device to run Aperture and Photoshop. Photo editing workflows FTW.
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