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What if they just say yes?

Sun Setting on Farm House
Sun Setting on the Farm

Man. The offer goes in at 9 am today... the agency only accepts offers between 9 and 5 on business days.

The house is lovely minus on pepto-pink room. 3 bed, 1/.75/.5 baths plus an extra sink in the master walk-through closet to the bathroom. The back yard is fenced in, has a deck and a concrete patio. I'll post a link to it once we have an accepted offer so as not to jinx it to terribly.

We'll know by EOD tomorrow if they accept, reject or counter. We've got plans for each outcome. Actually, it wasn't until like 8pm last night that we asked ourselves "what if they flat-out accept?" We offered less than asking, but not an insulting amount less. We're expecting a counter, really, but we'll take a straight acceptance!

I'm really nervous. Like we're missing something. But the only loose end will be finding a sub-letter which shouldn't be impossible.

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