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Why don't people communicate better? I thought my company was supposed to be good at that.

However, I really, really like being an information hub. This makes me feel important - which I am rapidly becoming. I've been here six months in 4 days. I love this job. I'm taking more responsibility and I'm an expert on a few areas that my teammates know very little about. Do I get a raise after my six month review? That would be nice. Regardless, looks like I'll be getting, at least, a $1000 bonus next month because of two more certifications. Wonder if there will be an Xmas bonus as well? I hate being so money obsessed but I"d really like to pay off the credit card debt while it's still easily managable.

There's a baby near my cube.
The hell?

EDIT: <russian accent>You drive like old woman who wears slippers in shower!</russian accent>
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