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Unintended poesie - Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist — LiveJournal
Unintended poesie
Curiosity - in big words and unintentional poesie.

I do not under stand, separate intention, the dynamics of posts that recieve comments, which have singular and unimpressive content founded on gimmick and flash-bangs detonated half cocked; and others that are explorations of me and my Quintessential Development receive few and form the foundation of Higher Levels. The Audience may take from granted the leanings, as they are wont to do. But the divide between abstraction and mundanity - as I see - is the different between being stitched into tapestry and cutting the golden cord.

The Friending, nuanced but scintillating in its regalia, is flawed in its perceptions.

Where does vulnerability and reality intersect amusement and engagement? This I wish to grasp. From where comes the blessings of an unfounded church, of zealotry condensed from experience? Is pedantry forming a sophistication that I am blinded? This is the conundrum of altered egos, the beast of genesis. The beast of Progress of unhindered evolution - the ghost of future leanings. To where the slanting goes is a dangling participle of where are you going to? This cannot be known, even with the best of intentions. This is the statement the slants the mind.

I am tilting at windmills.

Current Mood: tired There is no entry for "stupid"

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minami_neko From: minami_neko Date: November 29th, 2004 09:58 pm (UTC) (Link)


See, thinking takes effort... I know personally that when I'm on LJ it's because I'm trying to kill some time, not looking for meaningful interaction (most of the time). Usually, I can get that in person, meaningful interaction. Not so much, always, here though. Oh well. Also, like right now, I'm really really tired. But I can't take a nap because I won't get up in time to go to class, so I'm forcing myself to stay awake. So my brain-power isn't all that great, and it's sorta difficult for me to think too deeply into stuff. Because that, like, takes effort.

But I think I see what you're saying. People gloss over when you actually have something to say, and pay attention when you're posting something inane. Same thing tends to happen to me, unless my post is "sexy" some how, like how many replies I got about the transexualism thing.

Okay, yeah, basically, in the end, people are lazy bastards. Evolution has created a society where it is possible to not really ever "think" but still survive, so people aren't always so good with the thinking. It's even discouraged by many forces to think to deeply into things. Look at Kerry loosing because he was too subtle and intellectual, while Bush is easier to understand on the surface. I know people who like Bush because he's (supposedly) open about his opinions and is easy to figure out what he intends to do, while Kerry isn't as direct. They don't even want to begin to think about what Bush's policies MEAN or if they even agree with them, they just like knowing what they ARE.

Evolution is not the same as progress.

Sorry, didn't mean that to turn into a political rant, but it ended up tying into some stuff that we were taking about in one of my classes recently.
kirstygold From: kirstygold Date: November 30th, 2004 05:39 am (UTC) (Link)

why the difference in posts ??

A couple of reasons i think, People are sometimes lazy, the trivial things are easier to comment on (as per comment above) and to be 'funny' or 'witty' takes less effort and some how is less intrusive.

But not every one thinks that they have the 'right' to comment on posts or entries that are deep or meaningful - or that have real emotion in them. (I think people in this day and age are generally scared of real emotion) It can feel like 'you're' (or 'one' as a friend - or friend of a friend who has found you randomly) commenting on something that you don't know anything about [or the background to] and that if you say the wrong thing, you could sound like you're being sarcastic or trivial or just downright annoying!

but also when someone vents, as an onlooker, sometimes you don't want to get involved. (That also is the trend in society today..... Look away. don't let them know you saw; they might ask you to do something. AND if you didn't see - you don't need to feel responsible or guilty that you didn't help.)

I understand the nature of LJ- that it's inimate annonimity - one is never quite sure who is reading, who is NOT reading - and I concur with your feeling of vanity and self indulgence in a way, venting or ranting or just pondering aloud is not necessarily vanity.

Personally, I sometimes have difficulty getting out into what is sometimes termed "real life" and thru LJ et al, I get a bit of others experiences and can feel that i've somehow 'participated' in life - and not just sat and played pc games or whatever to pass my day.

Interesting to see what anyone else thinks but - for what it's worth- the same thing happens in my journal too.
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