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Uppsala and the Viking Mounds

Uppsala - The Viking Mounds
Viking Burial Mounds

I think this is as "touristy" as I get with my photos.

We went to Upsalla to meet and dine with Rolf's parents - my sister's (the reason we're in Sweden) long-time boyfriend - and visit the Viking burial mounds. It was truly quite lovely with dark, rolling clouds and fresh rain on the ground. Cold but appealing in a desultory sort of way. Fox spent a good amount of time communing with distant ancestors as we walked the loop around the mounds. Rather lovely.

Then I ate this:
Shrimp Pile Sandwich
Pile O' Shrimp Sammich

It is what it seems - a pile of shrimp on a bun. Under it is a sliced hard boiled egg and mayonnaise. Atop is dill, tomato and lemon. It was really quite tasty. We also had some authentic mead, which tasted more like a honeyed beer:
Obviously, Fox drank it from a horn.
The trip on the whole, now that I'm not exhausted or the hour isn't creeping into the light hours (the sun sets around 10 and rises around 3) I can speak about it a little more.

The plane ride, which I'd been dreading - 8 hours cramped in Economy - was surprisingly nice. A little uncomfortable but passed rather quickly. I had plenty of entertainment, including in-flight movies, though I opted for audiobooks on my iPhone instead.

We landed at like 8am after leaving at 4pm and stayed up for the rest of the day chilling with my sister. We watched some movies, took a walk around hr neighborhood and ate an early dinner. We all crashed at 7pm - which was about 28 hours total wakefulness for me and Fox. More for my dad.

Of the things we've done so far, the mounds have been my favorite. We've seen some museums which are ok. Nice, sure, and I have plenty of photos (498 so far) but I certainly prefer the food and culture to buildings.

Tomorrow we finally convinced my sister to let us just wander the city center on our own. Fox and I intend to do a little shopping and sit at a café and people watch for most of the day. It's really what we love to do, especially in new cities.

Oh, and eating. So many great, Swedish foods on the agendas. This week we're going to do a Swedish picnic. Pickled herring, schnaaps and the like.
    So far, I've eaten:
  1. Reindeer - delicious
  2. Swedish meatballs - yum
  3. Mead - pretty good
  4. Smoked salmon with cod caviar sauce - lovely.
  5. This weird dill/shrimp thing (not the sandwich above) - really good
  6. This odd tube of Kalle caviar, a sweetened cod caviar paste that I had on my eggs. Surprisingly good but would be better without the sugar.

This trip is awesome... minus the FRIGGIN EARLY SUNRISES.
More photos eventually. I can't get any time to myself until before bed. As I've had trouble sleeping because of the sun - see above - I tend to want to collapse rather than edit stuff.

And I'm having connection issues with Rolf's wi-fi. Sad face.
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