The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Intention, un-intention. Whatever, man. I dig the soreness in my body.

The Curve of a Wedding Ring
The Curve of a Wedding Ring

I awoke this morning absolutely not intending to go for a run. Rather, I would laze about listening to NPR, edit some photos and then toddle of to coffee for the morning and early afternoon and let my legs recover from the rather inconsiderate shock of running yesterday. I succeeded in all but the first declaration, try as I might.

Coffee was great, though quiet. I suspect that announcing coffee early on Sunday for that day is not exactly the best way to get people to join me. (Sorry about that.) But it was a gorgeous morning and the staff brought me lattes on their porch. I read and drank for hours, I'm like the Hemmingway of Not-Getting-Famous-While-Drinking-Myself-To-Oblivion. I'm more like Disappear-In-Words-And-Foam kind of guy.

I finished reading Born to Run which I found via Barefoot Ted which I must have found via Vibram's site. It is incredibly inspiring and validates a number of things I'm only just understanding about myself and my body.

So, finishing that book I couldn't help but go for a run. It was short as I'm still toughening up my toes but I had a number of really scary thoughts go through my head tonight. In order of thoughts and, subsequently, craziness:
  1. Hey, I wonder how hard High Point will be.
  2. That wasn't so bad. Let's do it again.
  3. Huh. No I'll go up this one too.
  4. Oops, I guess I have to go up this on too now.
  5. This doesn' hurt any more.
This was my route. Up High Point, down High Point, back up and down the up it to Midtown and then up that one home.

An unintentional 3.5 miles.
Go figure.
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