The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Where My Feet Take Me

Where My Feet Take Me
First Run in Too Long

I went for a run today and actually used the FiveFingers for (most of) the reason I bought them. It was quite the experience; certainly, I'm pleased to say, quite delightful. I felt light and fast and even a little springy with little between me and the ground. My footfalls were lighter too, favoring the midsole and forefoot more than I tended to with running shoes. I had no ankle pain as I did with running shoes nor any back pain, at all, after the run.

My feet did rub a little funny and I have a few blisters but this is nothing new. I'm contemplating toe socks if I can't adjust the fit well enough. But, damn if I didn't really enjoy the run.

I even ran the fastest mile I've run before succumbing to the blisters. I was sad. Then I walked 7 more miles downtown.

Now. I have an almond flour pizza in the oven, if you don't mind.
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