The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

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Into an Almost Transparent Blue
Into an Almost Transparent Blue

I work in a cave; a a snazzy, well bedecked cave but a cave nonethless. I went a touch stir-crazy towards the end of the day, the walls and paper lanterns bending in and eating my head space. I left "early..." Meaning I recheduled my bi-weekly Friday meeting and left at 4 after getting in at 7:15. So. Not "early" in the traditional sense, worse when you regard the hours on previous days.

But I don't like to do that after a week like this. (Or the previous, for that matter.) This is me trying not to dwell, really; I promise.

The stir followed me home and I fled after dinner to stalk ducks at the Union Terrace. It was rather nice. Cool and smelling slightly of foam from the tide and coal from the brats.

If I was packing a sauce, I'd have put a duck on those grills.
Mmm.. fresh duck!
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