The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Where My Feet Take Me

Over and Around
Around, Over and Through

I ordered a pair of the Vibram Classics in the hopes of having a second set for when the KSOs are in the wash or, say, when it is really hot and tight, black fabric isn't so comfortable. I received them today and slid them on only to find that, Alas and Alack, they were both uncomfortable and too big. Back to the mail with them, with sadness and a little remorse. I requested an exchange for a set of Sprints in Red and Black and a size smaller.

I trust that they will fit. Oh yes. Or I shall destroy the world with my wacky, segregated toes.

1. I like best about today was not having to work super late.
1a. Yay for smooth-ish deadlines.
2. Annoyance and an odd sense of tragedy have replaced anger. Mostly.
2a. I'm still angry.
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