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Tina Fey Dislikes my Feet
Tina Fey Doesn't Lke My Feet

I ate these delicious little cucumber cups stuffed with cream cheese and dill courtesy of Shortcakeness. They were really nice and suprisingly succulent after an evening in the fridge. They are ingenious little devices, actually, and I can see stuffing them with all manner of wonderful things. In fact, I am fantasizing about shoving them full of brie, raspberries and a balsamic reduction. Or zucchini, a little cream and parmesan and taking a torch to them. Excellent dinner options.

In fact, zucchini could work just the same way.

Oh, by the way, that card? I get it now. You see, the illustration was, in fact, part of the punchline. It was an anti-joke and the pun threw me off. I blame the whiskey.

Mm... cucumber cup whisey shots. Yeah, that's how I bring this whole together.
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