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If you throw a party and nobody shows, does it make a sound?

Professor Awesome
Photo - I call this guy Professor Awesome. He is a regular fixture on State St in the summer. I don't know if he is homeless or incredibly eccentric. Either way, he is rather pleasant and interesting to watch as he is always writing or building something. He carries all of his belongings in University Bookstore bags and has hand-made notebooks of refuse paper.

Some stuff from the last few days has me down which sucks as there's much more good than bad.
Borat, for example, is hilarious.

Um.. Minus the naked fat man wrestling. But you take the sweaty lumps too. :)
Any Podcast recommendations? I've been trying to find good book reviews are silly, geeky things with little luck.
Current rotation:
This American Life
Stephanie Miller
Wait, Wait! Don't tell me.
Marketplace: Money
NPR: Pop Culture
NPR: Technology
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